3 Sudanese WHRD’S in detention for 45 days without charges

Rashida Shams Aldain was detained on June 20, after she had been participating in a demo in Amarat area in Khartoum. Rashida is well known human rights activist and member of Grifna movement , she had been denied any access to her family except of 8 minutes visit as her sister confirmed .

 10 WHRD’S detainees , had been arbitrary arrested in the Sudanese government crackdown on peaceful demonstrators , and political and human rights activists in the country , in shadows of the 6 weeks protests against the government austerity measures and overwhelming high prices sparked by Khartoum University women students in their dorms on June 16th  . Local activists and NGO’s in Sudan estimated the overall detainees number during the last 2 month to be  about 2000 detainees, where no exact figures currently available for women percentage of the whole detainees.

The Sudanese security released on Friday 5 of the 10 WHRD’S, and other tow had been released earlier this month, while 3 WHRD’S remain detained . Rashida is one of them with Amira Osman and Iman Haroon. The 3 detainees are kept in isolated part inside Omdurman women prison administrated by the Sudanese Security .

Amira is women rights activist and member of ” No to women oppression initiative” she had been arrested June 27 from her house where she had a meeting , with her brother and her guests , Iman Harron was one of Amira’s guests that day , Iman is human rights activist and teacher .

The released detainees reported various degrees of human rights violations inside the detention , the detainees had been denied family visits and access to lawyers , in addition to improper medical treatments, one of the released detainees said ” the guards gave us pots to pee on them at night as will be sleeping” Shimaa Adil said , Egyptian journalist had been detained for 14 because of her covering the demos in Sudan , Shimaa also added that the special security detention inside Omdurman women prison is very  inaccessible as there is 8 door to go through from the prison outside doors to the detention part.

Sudanese WHRD’S Project , calls on the Sudanese government to immediately release the WHRD’S detainees , or present charges against them ,the Sudanese government has to respect the right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression for men and women , and we call on the government to open independent investigation about the detention conditions inside its detention faculties , human rights standards has to be followed inside prisons and detention .

* Background :

 Sudanese WHRD’S had  been strongly attacked by the Sudanese government during the past 2 months , as the WHRD’S had been actively participating in the protest against the regime and they had been community mobilizers and changer leaders , inside universities , professional unions and social networks. Therefore the recent government attack on the WHRD’S indicate  that it  realized their important  rule and aimed at intimidate them as the number of detained WHRD’S and the long period they remained in detention marking historical records in Sudan.