Urgent Action: Sudanese WHRD’s detained for 5 month face charges could lead to death sentence

Jalila Khamis told her husband on August 21st that the prison records officer , told her that she is going to be taken for court for court on August 23rd , when she asked for full information about the court , the judge , and the charges to inform her lawyer the officer told her that those information are not available , and she is just going to be taken to the court on Thursday day morning . And the lawyers and family are  confused till now and very worried about where she will be taken and what charges are presented against her .

Jalia khamis is a45 years old mother of 5 , a  teacher and a Nuba women human rights defender , she had been arrested March 14th , 2012  at 2:00AM from her house and taken wearing her sleeping clothes , her family didn’t knew her whereabouts for two days , where she had been detained by the Sudanese security . she had subjected to torture , verbal abuse , and had been detained in solitary cell in the security detentions in Omdurman for 2 and half month , and in the past two weeks she  had been transferred to the regular prison on Omdurman women prison , where she is finally had the chance to connect with the outside world after 4 month of detention and investigation , which led to her have health problems among them high blood pressure . Jalila is a member of many women organizations and working with the local Nuba women and IDP’s  in peace civil education and she had been very active after the recent war in Nuba mountains / South Kordofan state  , collecting aid and advocating her people against the major atrocities the Government of Sudan committed against them in the ongoing war started on June 2012.

From the investigations with her jalila said tht she is accused of the following charges under the Sudanese criminal code of 1991 which are in details  :

1-      Article 50 – Undermining the constitutional system :. “ Whoever commits any act with the intention of undermining the constitutional system of the country, or exposing to danger the unity and independence thereof, shall be punished with death , life imprisonment or for a lesser period . He may be subject to forefeiture of all his property” .

2-      Article 52 : Dealing with an enemy state :. Whoever, without permission therefor, joins the service of any state, which is declared by the Sudan as an enemy state, or involves himself in any commercial, or other transaction with it, or with the agents thereof, shall be punished with imprisonment, for a term, not exceeding ten years, or with fine, or with both.

3-      Article 60 : Wearing of military dress or using military token  or dealing therein by non-military persons.

(1)    Whoever, not being a member of the disciplined  forces, with the intention that others believe so, wears any uniform, or token resembling those used by such forces, shall be punished, with imprisonment, for a term, not exceeding two years, or with fine, or with both.


(2)    Whoever manufactures, or trades in any dress, or token referred to in subsection (1), or designates the same, to be used by his employees, without lawful permission therefor, shall be punished, with imprisonment, for a term, not exceeding three years, or with fine, or with both, in addition to the forefeiture of such dresses, or tokens.


4-      Article 61:  Unlawful drilling :. Whoever not being a member of the disciplined  forces, without lawful permission, makes drills, movements, or manouveurs of military nature or participates in, or abets the same, shall be punished, with imprisonment,  for a term, not exceeding three years, or with fine, or with both.

The Sudanese WHRD’s Project and Arry organization for human rights call on the Sudanese Government to immediately reveal the information about Jalila khamis trial and respect her right to have lawyers and respect the international standards of justice and insure Jalila fair , public and just trial . We also call them to insure her full access to lawyer and family in addition  to proper healthcare .



HE Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

Office of the President

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Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302

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And copies to:

Minister of Interior

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Ministry of Interior

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