UPDATE :Jalila Khamis Nuba Woman Activist face death sentence: Court Delayed

Jalila Khamis a Nuba Woman Activist , is supposed to be presented to the court in central Khartoum  courts compound on September 27, 2012 , but on July 25th  , 2012 Jalila’s lawyer went to the prosecutor of crimes against state to get confirmation on the court date and to take copies of the investigations with her , when the prosecutor informed them that the  investigations were not completed because the NISS never showed up for the investigations, and the persecutor office  never sent the case to the Judge mentioned in the request for the prison  , but the lawyers confirmed that Omdurman prison administration received request to send Jalila to the court on September 27, but after investigations the lawyers found out that the request to the prison was false and it was sent by the security not the court as it has security stamp not the court stamp , and the lawyer mentioned in the request not exist , as its another level of manipulation of the Security by Jalila and her lawyers and Jalila will not going to be presented to court  .

The national intelligence and security services NISS presented Jalila to the prosecutor of the crime against the state on July 29th , 2012 fro the first time after they filed report against her on the articles 50 and 51 of the Sudanese Criminal Act of 1991 both articles  are crimes against the state and punished by death . The security with this false court dates is putting  Jalila and her family under enormous pressure, while Jalila remain detained waiting for presenting to court for 7 months now .

Jalia khamis is a45 years old mother of 5 , a  teacher and a Nuba women human rights defender , she had been arrested March 14th , 2012  at 2:00AM from her house and taken wearing her sleeping clothes , her family didn’t knew her whereabouts for two days , where she had been detained by the Sudanese security . she had subjected to torture , verbal abuse , and had been detained in solitary cell in the security detentions in Omdurman for 2 and half month. Jalila is a member of many women organizations and working with the local Nuba women and IDP’s  in peace civil education and she had been very active after the recent war in Nuba mountains / South Kordofan state .

Jalila is accused of undermining the constitutional system which article 50 , and Waging war against the state , under article 51 , in addition to article 53 ” Espionage against the country ” , article 61  ” Unlawful drilling ” , article 66 ” publication of false news” , article 62″ Inciting feelings of unrest among disciplined

forces and abetment of disturbing order”  , and criminal participation article 21. the first three charges are punished by death  .

The Sudanese WHRD’s Project and Arry organization for human rights call on the Sudanese Government to Immediately release Jalila Khamis or present her to court and  respect Jalila’s right to have lawyers and respect the international standards of justice and insure her fair , public and just trial .We also call them to insure her full access to lawyer and family in addition to proper healthcare.