Free Jalila Khamis

Dear Freinds,

Jalila Khamis is detained for 8 month and face death sentence for speaking about the war in Nuba mountains in Sudan , help us free Jalila and save her life .

Jalia khamis is a45 years old mother of 5 , a teacher and a Nuba women human rights defender , she had been arrested on March 14th , 2012 at 2:00AM from her house and taken wearing her sleeping clothes , her family didn’t knew her whereabouts for two days , where she had been detained by the Sudanese security . she had subjected to torture , verbal abuse , and had been detained in solitary cell in the security detentions in Omdurman for 2 and half month , and in the past two weeks she had been transferred to the regular prison on Omdurman women prison , where she is finally had the chance to connect with the outside world after 4 month of detention and investigation , which led to her have health problems among them high blood pressure . Jalila hosted in her house of tow rooms 20 peoples from her home region of Nuba mountains when the war erupted in June 2011 , she had been detained for helping her own peoples when they fled the war to Khartoum and for speaking publicly about their catastrophic situation .

Jalila Now is facing charges could lead to her execution , while she is detained for 8 month now without being presented to any law court .

Please sign with us to save the brave women , teacher and mother of five from arbitrary detention and death sentence , sign with us to regain Jalila’s freedom and her children their mother . Please take Action NOW !
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