Update : Journalist and WHRD hair shaved and tortured


Somaya Hendousa founded dumped in slums east of Khartoum , severely tortured and her hair shaved confirmed resources close to her family . Hendousa family are in shock after what happened to her and starting police report against NISS member had been threatening Hendousa after she returned to Sudan last week. The resources confirmed that Somaya subjected to racial insults and torture  because she is Darfurian , and her hair shaved , as the NISS members torturing  her told her that Darfurians  does not have this kind of hair it is ( Arab hair ).

The Sudanese National Security arrested in October 29th , 2012 the journalist Somaya Hendousa , confirmed her family members . Somaya called her sister screaming  : “ let me tell my family” , at the afternoon of October 29th when she went to the super market , since then she went missing and her whereabouts remain unknown. The next day one of her family members received SMS informing him that she is in detention .

Somaya is a journalist living in Egypt, but she used to work for local newspapers in Sudan ,and for the past six years she had been publishing on the internet searching for wider freedom space , she is covering and advocating the issues of conflict regions such as Darfur and Nuba mountains . while she was in Egypt she had been receiving threatening emails and phone calls from unknown number , especially  in the past few months , and when she decided to visit her family last  week, she told one of her family members to wait for her in the airport because she is afraid from the threats she received . After she arrived she did received a threatening call telling her that she is welcomed in Sudan , that when she informed her family that she is followed and afraid for her life .



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