Take Action to End violence Against Sudanese Women- Dec9th


Dear All,

Sudanese WHRDs project , Arry organization for Human Rights in collaboration with Girifna will start Twitter and Facebook campaign in solidarity with Sudanese women , calling for ending all forms of violence against them. The campaign is taking the opportunity of the 16 days global campaign to end violence against  women, and highlight the struggle of Sudanese women against all forms of state and non-state violence and especially the militarized Sudanese state that lead to non-stop 60 years of civil wars, where women are the main victims.

Hope all of you  participate with us  on December 9th,  tweet and post on Facebook calling to end violence against Sudanese women. please  Use and Follow the has-htag #16days and #Sudan.
December 9th , the day for solidarity with Sudanese women, and take action to end violence against Women in Sudan.

Thank you for your support and solidarity.