About Us

Sudanese Women Human rights defenders Project, is an initiative to advocate women rights in Sudan, and highlight  the brave struggle of women activists to promote and empower human rights . Our group started in 2011, in result of the effort of  women journalists, activists, community leaders working on the grassroots level and in marginalized areas in Sudan.

Our vision

To break the silence about the major human rights abuses against women in Sudan and give voice to the victims.

Our mission

We work to empower local women activists and groups to monitor and document violations against women, especially those in conflict areas and marginalized and minority communities .

Our work

We conduct researches and cooperate wit international human rights and women NGOs to mobilize  support for Sudanese women struggle for their rights. We have a strong network with local women and youth activists and grassroots CSOs to raise awareness among women on their rights, using  education, media and social network to create interactive dialogue about women rights issues. We work with Sudanese Women Human Rights Defenders at local and grassroots level to enhance their capacities and provide them information and support when they are at risk.


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  1. Nada says:

    How can I get involved?

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